Alexander Volfovsky is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical Science. He joined the department after finishing a NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Statistics Department at Harvard University. Prior to that he completed his PhD in statistics at the University of Washington in Seattle and a joint Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Chicago. Volfovsky’s research concentrates on developing theory and methodological tools for computational social science applications, with particular interests in high dimensional data and network analysis. He is interested in assessing fundamental assumptions such as exchangeability and stochastic equivalence that underly many network models and to this end has developed testing and estimation procedures for complex dependence structures among actors in a network. Recently, he has been working on tools for causal inference and missing data problems where the existence of networks leads to a breakdown of traditional approaches. His work has been applied to friendship, protein and trade networks, health outcomes and educational attainment.