The members (and others associates) of the lab develop statistical theory and methodology for understanding social networks, text data, and all aspects of causal inference!

Current members:

  • Vittorio Orlandi (PhD student, Statistical Science)
  • Harsh Parikh (PhD student, Computer Science)
  • Graham Tierney (PhD student, Statistical Science)
  • Justin Weltz (PhD student, Statistical Science)
  • Sylvia Nitsova (PhD student, Political Science, University of North Carolina)
  • Yunran Chen (PhD student, Statistical Science)
  • Christine Shen (PhD student, Statistical Science)
  • Quinn Lanners (PhD student, Biostatistics)


  • Claire Le Barbenchon (PhD, Sociology)
  • Heather Mathews (PhD, currently at Spotify)
  • Fan Bu (PhD, currently postdoc at UCLA)
  • Marco Morucci (PhD, Political Science at Duke, currently postdoc at NYU)
  • Rose Graves (Duke ‘20 undergraduate, now at Houston Astros)
  • Jerry Chang (Duke ‘18 undergraduate, now PhD student at Harvard)
  • Yunran Chen (Duke ‘19 Masters, now PhD student at Duke)
  • Andrew Cooper (Duke ‘18 ‘20 undergraduate, Masters at Duke, now PhD student at VT)
  • Sonia Xu (Duke ‘18 undegraduate, now at Deloitte)
  • Frances Hung (Duke ‘19 Masters, Statistical Science)